Bye Bye Jo

Yannick Noah’s big girl

I was relieved to hear today that Joakim Noah, along with his other class members, from the University of Florida, are headed to the NBA at this point.  Never have I liked a college basketball player more.  Not only did he accomplish one of the sports feats I hoped no one would achieve anytime soon (winning a back2back national championship, therefore diminishing the value of the Duke ’91-’92 repeat) but his personality and style flies squarely in the face of all that I find tolerarable.   Example–he was an absolute moron in his post victory celebration, first heading up in to the stands like a 7 year old to give his mommy a hug and then responding to a Jim Nantz question like a complete moron.  Remember that?  “We’re going to party tonight, know what I’m sayin?  Gainsville is going to go off tonight.”  People couldn’t stand Christian Laetter, the last star of a college b-ball team to guide his group to back2back championships.  But, Christian was a classy, and clutch, player who will go down as one of the greatest college b-ball players of all time.  Hopefully Jo isn’t going to get included in those discussions anytime soon. 


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