Annals of a Road Trip–Philly

We’re on Day Four of our road trip today and writing in from Philadelphia.  We arrived here late last night with T-Dub’s father who we picked up in Detroit. 

We’ve been loving the journey so far, although the true “exploration” phase begins later today as we start to head towards New England without a clear set of destinations in mind.  The RV mode of transporation has been relaxing, comfortable, practical and a fantastic way to travel.  As I’m driving, T-Dubs will be in the coach area making lunch or hanging out with Uncle Leo reading trash magazines like US Weekly.  Likewise,  given that I’ve been a bit ill thus far, I’m often times napping in the back bedroom as T-Dubs drives and boogies out to Captain & Tenile or Abba

Tuesday was a tad adventuresome as we headed from our Monday night stop in Omaha, NE towards Detroit.  The fine state patrol systems in both Iowa and Illinois found it necessary to stop us and say hello.  We ended up with “warnings” in both cases which was justified given that we really hadn’t done anything wrong.  However, we’ve started to compile a “warnings” folder for other anticipated opportunities along the way when we get to meet friendly patrolmen.  Our RV is brand new so it lacks formal license plates and thus, the combination of that plus the fact we aren’t the profile RV drivers appears to be serving as a light beacon of sorts for highway folks.  I was just glad the stop in Iowa didn’t come at a time when I was dancing around the coach Tom Cruise style in Risky Business.  That would have truly freaked some of the police officers out.

Clearly, there are more adventures to come in the next several days and we’ll be sure to keep documenting them when we can do it.   Here are some pics below from our journey to date:

T-Dubs and Uncle Leo

Careful While Dumping

Managing the WTT Mobile.jpg


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