Annals of a Road Trip–Hudson, NY

I’m writing in from our second RV camp in Hudson, New York.   We arrived here late last night after having dinner with a friend of ours in Westchester County, NY (“914 baby.”) 

This campsite is less impressive than our first, which we found outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey in a town called Williamstown.  We appear to have gotten lucky with our first site–the place was quite beautiful, sitting on a very large private lake and swimming club.  Uncle Leo and T-Dubs spent much of Friday tossing the frisbee in the water.  We also took advantage of their gracious “dumping” facilities to engage in our first dump exercise.  I’ll post pictures of the experience another time. 

We had arrived at the NJ campsite Thursday night after having spent much of Thursday with T-Dubs father and aunt in Philly.  We enjoyed the experience there but it was time to get on to our official adventures.  Plus,  by the time I arrived, the whole Dresher community had heard the (false) rumor that I had a stomach flu and was treating me upon introduction as if I had caught a new strain of the Ebola virus.  Needless to say, the privacy and anonymity of our first two RV locations has been appreciated. 

We’re headed up to Burlington, VT this afternoon and expect to spend a couple days there before venturing further in to New England early next week.  Burlington is the home of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, as I understand it, so I’m excited about that at a minimum.  I just hope it doesn’t kick-start my stomach virus again. 


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