Annals of a Road Trip–Burlington, VT

RV Camp in New Jersey

dumpin’ in NJ (appropriate).jpg

Getting Uncle Leo exercise

On Roof, On RV, On Ferry

Lake Champlain 

We’re posting from our serene and gorgeous campsite in Burlington, Vermont.   We’ll be here through the rest of the weekend and it’s likely the most north we’ll head in New England unless we end up visiting Montreal or Quebec in Canada. 

We arrived up here last night from Hudson, New York, which was a beautiful 4.5 hour drive through the Adirondack mountain range.  The end portion of the excursion was complicated by the challenge of crossing vast Lake Champlain, which separates Vermont from the eastern New York border.  We first tried a bridge outside the town of Keeseville, NY but it was closed.  Ditto the ferry location in Keeseville.  So, we finally ended up finding a ferry that would take our 30 foot rig 30 miles north in Plattsburgh, NY.  See the picture documenting the experience.

We haven’t seen much of Burlington yet but plan to explore it throughout today and tomorrow before likely heading to New Hampshire.  Our site is located one mile from town and about 1,000 yards from the eastern shore of Lake Champlain.  I’m confident Uncle Leo will get much use of the water while we’re here. 

Our adventure continues to be a fantastic one and we’ll continue documenting the experiences along the way. 


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