Annals of a Road Trip–Bar Harbor, Maine


T-Dubs in Woodstock

Uncle Leo at the Rockefellers

RV Campsite at Bar Harbor

We headed east from Burlington on Tuesday towards Hanover, New Hampshire.  Prior to Hanover, we found a campsite we opted to stay in that night near Woodstock, Vermont, a small and quaint little town right near the VT-NH border.  A couple of our friends joined us Tuesday night at our campsite for some smores and beer. 

Wednesday included a lengthy drive towards the eastern shore of Maine but first included a visit in to Woodstock for lunch and a hike on Mt. Tom Tom.  Uncle Leo, who continues to make it a personal mission to find every swimming spot in New England, hopped the fence at the end of the hike to the famous Rockefeller home in Woodstock to go for a dip in their private pond. 

We made it to Bar Harbor Wednesday evening around dinner and found a campsite right on the water in the Western Bay.  We’re hanging out in town as well as Arcadia National Park today and I’m posting from an internet cafe in town.  The plan is to stay here till mid-day tomorrow and which point we’ll head to Portland, Maine before going to Cape Cod this weekend. 

This area of Maine is absolutely gorgeous although there is a noticeable level of poverty here as compared to others areas of New England we’ve encountered thus far.  That said, we continue to love our adventure and are finding beautiful places and scenes from New England along the way. 


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