Annals of a Road Trip–Cape Cod, Mass.

Bouncin’ in Boston

Uncle Leo and Koby

The Kite Runner at the Cape

The Sites of the Cape

The Tripod

As our adventures take us in to our third week, we are spending the weekend and early part of this coming week in the Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard parts of Massachusetts.  Neither T-Dubs nor I have been to this area of the country before and were excited to experience it.

We arrived at our campsite Saturday afternoon after having spent Friday night in Boston with some friends there.  Some of the fruits of our Boston trip are highlighted above in our trampoline shot.  We enjoyed a late afternoon lunch on Saturday in Falmouth with our friend, Koby, who came down from Boston for yesterday’s expereinces.   Today’s activities included a cruise on Hwy 28 through southern Cape towns such as Mashpee and Barnstable and an extensive walk on Craigsville Beach for 3 hours or so.  It was a slightly cold day but perfectly sunny and it was quickly clear why the beaches of Cape Cod have the reputation they do;  we loved our peaceful walk as did Uncle Leo who spent the good majority of it swimming in the Nantucket Sound.  We were also amazed by some of the mansions not more than 1/2 mile off the beach. 

We’ll be camping and grilling again tonight before venturing to Martha’s Vineyard on a ferry ride tomorrow morning.  Our current plan is to stay here through Tuesday at which point we’ll likely head towards Rhode Island.  Camping has been a mainstay component of our trip, much more in fact than we thought it would be.  But, given how little we’ve gotten to camp in the past few years, it’s also been a welcome surprise. 

While we haven’t gotten as good of a feel for the Cape as we might have liked, it’s pretty evident why many easterners enjoy spending their weekends and summers here.  It’s actually quite a bit larger than we though it was but many of the towns are still quaint, classy and the beaches are beautiful and fun. 


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