Annals of a Road Trip–Rochester, NY

We missed the opportunity to post updates on Monday-Wednesday this week as we were without internet access during those days.  We’re posting now from a campsite on Consesus Lake outside Rochester getting ready to head in to a great BBQ place, the Dinosaur, before hitting the road again tomorrow en route back to Colorado. 

Monday’s adventures included a visit to Martha’s Vineyard, where we spent time in Edgartown among other spots.  We enjoyed the trip to the island although many of the top restaurants and shopping locations in town were not yet open for the season.  It was also amazingly windy in certain parts of the island which made a 65 degree day feel about 20 degrees cooler.  One of the highlights of the day was experiencing it with Uncle Leo, who joined us for the trip.  Leo went  everywhere with us that day, including the ferry ride from the Cape to the Vineyard, on bus rides, in to stores, etc.  He was a virtual third person traveling with us that day and it was hilarous to see him enduring it all.  Martha’s Vineyard is clearly a great place but one, I would say, is better enjoyed at the more active times of the year when more of the island is open to visitors.  The only question is, at that time of the year, is the place too hectic? 

We headed from Cape Cod to Newport, Rhode Island on Tuesday.  I’ll describe that day, which we loved, as well as our visit to Block Island on Wednesday in a follow-up posting.   


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