Road Trip Revisited

The Ride & The Crew

We’re back, safely, in Denver from our 3 week, 5,500 mile, 15 state, two country road trip.  The experience was everything we hoped for, and in many ways, more.  Yesterday was the hardest driving day but the exceedingly dry final trek from Des Moines to Denver provided ample opportunity to recount the full excursion. 

An RV road trip like ours presented the perfect opportunity to intermingle the joys of road tripping with the peacefulness of camping.  At the same time, both the driving and camping experiences were heightened by the luxury and comfort of our RV.  It was great for sleeping, eating, cleaning-up, and providing respite from the outdoors when necessary.  While we wouldn’t likely engage in RV road trips on an on-going basis anytime soon, we could clearly see making RV trips a part of our future for extended weekend excursions or possibly later in life.  That said, we were humored by the couple we met in Newport, Rhode Island who enjoyed meeting us and noted that we looked like “the next generation of RVers.” 

We learned a ton along the way about the rules of successfully navigating an RV trip.  Here are some considerations for those of you entertaining the notion of a similar adventure:

  • Get a GPS system for your ride.  While Woodalls was an excellent book/website for finding campsite destinations, and our atlas provided a decent support tool, we would have struggled royally throughout the trip without our GPS friend, Jude.   The TomTom variety worked fine for us and was less expensive than several other models.
  • If you’re seeking a relatively unplanned and carefree trip, it will likely have to occur in the months of May, September or October.   Most campsites are closed before May and the sites get very crowded during the summer months.  We never had to reserve a campsite in advance but certainly would have needed to do so if we had traveled during the summer season. 
  • Double check that your car insurance company will cover your RV adventure PRIOR to hitting the road regardless of what the rental facility tells you.
  • Be sure to get an extra long water and sewage hose.  I’ll refrain from providing any details as to why we experienced the necessity for those items. 
  • Bring a dustbuster.
  • Get a diesel rig if possible.  Unleaded gas was VERY expensive.
  • Be prepared for adventure and twists and turns constantly.  In fact, welcome it!  You’ll get plenty of them.
  • Watch out in the state of Indiana.  They are strict about the 55 MPH speed limit for trucks and trailers. 
  • Think long and hard about bringing bikes and/or towing a smaller car.  The inclusion of extra wheels can create challenges in terms of navigating to different sites but, at the same time, allows for more exploration and exercise while at a particular location.
  • Bring a dog!  We loved having ours.  Especially if your dog is well trained.  And enjoys ferry rides and bus rides and generally being treated as a fellow human being. 

And, lastly, keep a blog!  It was a fantastic outlet for our adventures and pictures and will be a great means for looking back on our annals in the future. 

Thanks to those of you that kept an eye on our blog during our adventures.  And, come back and check “Suite 200” again in the future. 


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