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Licensed to Ill

I confirmed today that the Beastie Boys will be playing the intimate and legendary Crocodile Cafe in Seattle this coming Friday night. 

As an avid Beasties fan for over 20 years, I can say that I will be seeking tickets to this show with reckless abandon.  I’ve had only one opportunity to see the Beasties play live, at Red Rocks  in 2004, and anticipate this show being even better. 

The Beastie Boys are clearly positioned at this point as one of the great musical groups of all time.  Their ever changing style has postioned them squarely as a premier hip hop, electronic and rock group and their originality and creativity has few rivals.  The fact they are taking time to go in to downtown Seattle before hitting the Sasquatch Festival to play the Croc this weekend further reinforces why they are viewed as so edgy and cool.  I just hope for the chance to get to see them.




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2 responses to “Whatcha Want

  1. mr potatohead

    It’s a warm-up gig for Sasquatch. It’s an instrumental set.

  2. brettgoldberg

    I’ve always enjoyed the Beastie’s intstrumental sets as much as their hip hop music. The “In Sound from Way Out” has always been a particularly strong compilation in my opinion.

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