Succisa Virescit (cont.)

duke lax 

I’ve been grapling the past couple days with how to make sense of the Hollywood script that didn’t come together Monday.  There is no Hollywood film to be written, as I see it, for a team losing in the waning moments of a game to Johns Hopkins (for it’s record 9th national title) on a innocuous turnover with three minuts plus left to play.   These players deserve a round of applause for their perseverance but it’s not a story that will likely make its way to the silver screen. 

Then came this news today…very surprising coming from the NCAA and news that perhaps allows this story to play itself out for a while longer:

While it’s not totally logical for the NCAA to be granting this year’s seniors, juniors and sophomores one more year of eligibility, I’m both excited about it and welcome it both for personal reasons as well as what it means for lacrosse in general.  If players like Matt Danowski make a return visit for a post-grad senior season next year, this team is a viable national championship contender again in 2008.  Perhaps at that point, the Hollywood script can reach its preferred conclusion.


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