The Juice


I had a great day today due, in large part, to having the opportunity to spend someof it with two fantastic and highly regarded entrepreneurs here in Seattle.  As always, during conversations with entrepreneurs, I learned a lot about a lot of things:  new companies sprouting up, new technologies being developed, etc. 

But, given my passion for the particular subject of entreprenuerialism, I took particular note during the discussions today of what makes such people tick. 

The answer is, it’s not likely money, it’s not likely fame, it’s probably not even one’s quest to leave a permanent legacy (although factors like all of these certainly would play a role in most cases,)  I believe it has much more to do with an indescribable factor I’ll simply refer to as “juice.”  The great entrepreneur has a passion infested, energy producing serum flowing through their veins that simply propels them to want to do more, achieve more and strive for world altering accomplishments more so than others.  That “juice” also allows one to overcome the critics and the skeptics, to push through Sisypheanobstacles and to achieve things that seemed unlikely or, dare even, impossible. No doubt, entrepreneurs must be smart, talented, ideally visionary and, preferably, idea factories, but I believe it’s the sticktuitiveness component combined with the natural and consistent “juice” flowing through such a person that truly makes them what they are at their core.

You’ve all experienced people who have the “juice” before.  And, it can be a positively infectious element in a workplace that allows transformational things to occur.  I know that I, personally, love being around people who have that juice as much as possible…(although, beware when too much juice mixes with too much caffeine…that can be a scary product to be around for extended timeframes.) 

Here’s a couple of my favorite quotes related to this topic:

·         Everything is always impossible before it works. That’s what entrepreneurs are all about — doing what people have told them is impossible.
R. Hunt Greene, venture capitalist

·         “Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an
indomitable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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