Anyone Interested in Catching a Flic?

Raging Bull


The American Film Institute released an updated version this week of their “Top 100” American film list of all time.  It’s described as a “ten year” re-release effectively of their 1998 list, which is slightly odd given that it’s only been nine years.  I believe the larger rationale behind the new release is the 40-year anniversary of the AFI.  Oh well, no matter. 

The list is included on this CNN news piece on the subject:

Needless to say, I have a few movies to rent in the near future including #1 and, shockingly, #2 on this list.  I’m truly ashamed that I’ve never seen either of these movies but just watched the 40-year old virgin (why isn’t that on the list BTW?!) for the 40th or so time last week. 

I am pleased to see the jump of Raging Bull on this list although I am a tad surprised to see it aging like a fine Malbec over time.  It’s clearly one of both DeNiro and Scorsese’s finest films though.  Editorially speaking, I also believe Shawshank  should be moving up higher on this list over time, Sixth Sense is a good film but not one that should be on here and both Traffic and chicago should have probably made the list if films like Lord of the Rings  are going to be as prominent on here.  Clearly, a live and passionate debate could ensue, and likely will, on this subject, for hours…Where in the world is Benicio del Toro BTW these days? He would make a heck of an actor as Pablo Escobar in Medellin, the Entourage mock film, if that movie ever got made.  

I’ve got a little spare time, plus a lot of interest, in seeing a number of these movies so ping me if you’re interested in joining me for a viewing or three.  Or, an animated debate on the topic. 



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3 responses to “Anyone Interested in Catching a Flic?

  1. B. Burns

    This list sucks! Where the hell is American Beauty? What about Million Dollar Baby? I’d even put a vote in for Munich, which was completely overlooked and/or misunderstood by critics and movie goers alike.

    You really think Chicago should be on there?

  2. I would have liked to see Moulin Rouge, Fight Club, or Gattica on that list. How did Toy Story make it on there? I can think of several cartoon/kid movies that are better.
    Not to mention Godfather shouldn’t be on there twice! Sadly, I’ve only seen 20% of that list. Movies made before the 90s have never appealed to me, especially if it is in black and white … that probably removes me from having an real opinon on the “best of all time” list.

    I wonder what the best non-american films are.

  3. Brett

    I agree with the animation film comment as well as American Beauty for sure. I also continue to search for Braveheart on this list and stunningly, can’t find it on there.

    Chicago was one of the best, if not the best, musical films ever made. It was really excellent.

    I’m also amazed to see a lack of films entirely from this decade on here. True, films this decade haven’t been as great but there have to be at least a couple that could replace the likes of Sixth Sense, Do the Right Thing or BladeRunner.

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