The new SPAM? FAM.

I realize I have my Facebook profile settings at fairly loose levels, mostly because I really am not as fanatical of a user of the social network as many others are these days, but I’m starting to get increasingly irritated with the number of people who want to be my “friend” on a daily basis.  For Tania Dames, Wendi Rosenfiel, Stephen Wilkin and the many others out there that are FAMing me at a volume of 2-3 “friend requests” per day, I do NOT know you and we are certainly not friends. 

BTW, if anyone has any idea what I need to be doing specifically to change my settings to still receive “friend requests” but at a lower volume, I welcome any and all suggestions.  I should note that the other social network I use regularly, LinkedIn, never causes me these kinds of problems because one can’t ping you directly as a total stranger without knowing your email addy.



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2 responses to “The new SPAM? FAM.

  1. I haven’t had a problem with random friend invites for a few months (even then it wasn’t a huge volume), but lately I’ve got random stuff from facebook ‘plug-in’/’applications’. I’ve pretty much just gone back to not having myself included in searches. I have got to give facebook thumbs up on their privacy settings. It seems like everytime I look they have implemented more ways to lock my stuff down.

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