The name Chris Pirillo gets tossed around frequently in the world of technology and digital media.  He’s a renaissance man of sorts within tech and, among other things, is largely responsible for the well-known Gnomedex conference in Seattle. 

Chris is frequently referred to in an Oprah-revered manner.  Where he is, is where one needs to be.  What he is thinking about is what one should be contemplating as well. 

I finally spent some time on his blog site tonight and, not to my surprise, found a lot of what he had to say fascinating.  This is a guy, mind you, who has been blogging for years–actually, he is probably one of the folks who created the form of communication. 

This post was interesting to me.  The cynicism is a generally common aspect of his blog.  And, I’m happy to say I’m starting to feel the EXACT same way these days on this subject (eg my recent post on Facebook SPAM):


I also appreciated this comic strip on the bottom of his blog:

Pirillo comic


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