Preliminary Joost Experience

I have no idea how this is working exactly. I’m experiencing Joost for the first time and, through the “widget menu” feature, I’m also able to post to my blog.

While this feature is quite cool, I’m mixed about my first Joost experience. The video quality is solid, not spectacular, the initial content offerings are decent, not spectacular, and I hesitate to confirmly state that this type of “lean forward” viewing experience for TV is definitively the future.

All that said, I’ll be back here in the future without hesitation to experiment and be entertained further.

More Information about the program.

Title : Punk’d – Office Meltdown, New Porsche, The Wedding’s Off!

Description : Just when Hollywood thought they could relax, that Punk’d was finally over, Ashton and his crew of misfits were at it again. Putting celebrities where they love to be: in the spo…


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