The Darjeeling Limited

cover art 

I saw a buddy of mine link to this trailer from the Apple website today in an update to his Facebook profile:

I hadn’t heard anything previously about this movie but it’s one I’ll, no doubt, check out in the fall.  The trailer is certainly appealing and the film immediately recalls great Wes Anderson  pics including Rushmore and RT (The Royal Tenenbaums. )  I personally love those two movies, and their odd and quirky flair, far more than the other well known Wes Anderson flic, Life Acquatic.  While Bill Murray and Owen Wilson were classic in that film, I felt like it dragged terribly and lacked the comedic wit of Anderson’s other flics.

The addition of Adrien Brody to this new, upcoming film is an interesting touch.  Brody fits the mold of Anderson’s characters well and I expect he’ll play nicely along side Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman, two Anderson film mainstays.  This has the makings of another classic film in the odd Andersen genre. 


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