World Wide Web article and Related Musings

This article was highlighted in Jason Hirschhorn’s daily feed, Media Redefined, today:

Frankly, I cringed when I saw Joost getting headliner spotlight here and Babelgum shortly thereafter.  There were several more interesting and innovative sounding plays mentioned amidst this article and I’m honestly getting a bit fatigued by all the Joost press and blog postings.  I experienced the Joost beta product for the first time recently, as I mentioned here, and remain both impressed and somewhat confounded by the buzz surrounding them.  They reported 1M users of their beta product last week but, frankly, that’s due almost entirety to the hype maching surrounding the company.  The product is really neither that solid or interesting, yet, and I have a hard time believing many of those 1M users returned for a follow-up visit or spent any extensive time on the product at this stage.   A friend of mine, who is very involved in the digital media space, told me today that Joost content is being distributed at 300 kbps, which is about 1/4 the bit rates of the content distributed from sites like CinemaNow or Movielink today.  Furthermore, Joost isn’t really a live P2P solution despite the prevaling notion that is how its distribution model works. 

Separately, I’m enjoying Jason Hirschhorn’s feed quite a bit these days.  It’s a succint yet solid presentation of relevant media and technology news every day without all the editorial perspective and imagery found in blogs such as PaidContent or TechCrunch.  I am a bit surprised, and impressed, that Jason is able to aggregate these daily newsclippings amidst how busy he must be helping run Sling Media these days. 


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