About Dogs

It seems like there is a lot of negativity in the world these days regarding dogs.  I barely can even stand the thought of commenting on the Michael Vick situation.  While it was good to see him apologize this week, it’s a very small step in a long road to recovery.  I also found it interesting to hear him blame many of his actions on “immaturity.”  While juvenile behavior was certainly responsible for some of what occurred, it’s hard to justify that characteristic being so signficiantly responsible for grotesque behavior over a six year period of time. 

Regardless, I was sent the attached file today and really loved it.  Some of the quotes and pictures speak so squarely to all that is great about dogs and animals in general:   About Dogs

The picture below is my new family dog.  His name is Kiva. 

The new family dog



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3 responses to “About Dogs

  1. Is Kiva named after the microfinance organization, or just a coincidence? He’s very handsome!

  2. Brett

    Thanks, Dave! No, he is not named after that organization but it’s funny because I just learned about it this week. A “kiva” is a Native American spirtual hut. They are a place for religion and relaxation. A glorified steam shower experience if you will. I grew up in Colorado and in the southwest corner of the state, in places like Mesa Verde, kivas are an important part of the ruins and reservations.

  3. Learning something new every day… in fact, several things each day! Loved the Dogs PPT as well!

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