Rationalizing Apple – Part Deux

I posted last week about a crazy few days in the world of Apple and the iCon, Steve Jobs. 

I have two updates since that time:

1) Do NOT rush to an Apple retailer to redeem your $100 credit yet:  I made the mistake of printing my iPhone receipt from July tonight and heading over to a retailer in the University Village area of Seattle.  I compounded the error by selecting a nice assortment of iPhone accessories over a half hour timeframe.  Wherin lies the mistake you ask?  “Did you read Steve Jobs’ open letter?” an Apple store “Genius” inquired of me at the cash register as I laid down my items and printed iPhone receipt.  (I actually don’t think she was technically a store Genius but I’m humored by that concept and it helps the anecdote.)  Apparently, the lesson is that one cannot do anything about the credit until the iCon says “go.”  It’s not as simple as taking your receipt back and getting the credit.  There are more details (the current open letter is super vague) and we must all wait for those mysterious details to unfold.  I wasn’t particularly irked about any of this last week–I’m a bit more so now after tonight’s experience.

2) Watch the Steve Jobs’ Keynote From Last Week:  I got a chance to sit through most of the lengthy video presentation over the weekend.   It’s really an inspiring piece of work.  As a quick aside, I loved the presentation slides used by Jobs.  They reminded me of something Guy Kawasaki would preach about how to make PPT slides succint, direct and effective.  That’s not surprising though considering Kawasaki was at Apple for years.  Secondly, I really enjoyed the walk-through of many of the new developments, particularly the iPod Touch capabilities and potential as well as the Starbucks deal.  My friend, Dave Schappell, blogged about his perspectives on the iPod Touch the other day and he’s also linked to the video from his post. 

In summary, I don’t double Apple will successfully and easily overcome any “blips” from last week’s activities and the next several months should be very strong on iPhone sales, iPod Touch sales and more.  That said, in a manner similar to the famous quote from Better Off Dead, it’s not my $2 that I want so much–I want my $100 rebate!    


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