I was hanging out with two of my more intellectually stimulating friends the past couple weeks at different times.  Ironically, in both conversations, we hit a very similar discussion topic.  Both of these gents are current entrepreneurs and both confessed to me that, even with age, life is one, large improvisation.  Hence, one’s success in life is largely dictated by how well they bob, weave and tumble through the continual adventures they face. 

I was in the midst of some serious packing today (I’m moving) so had some time to ponder the thought further.  It’s so simple, eloquent and amazing.  We’re all just improvising.  Among other things, that means that, even with age and experience, we often times don’t and won’t know what we’re doing before a situation actually arises.  There are not certain and magic answers; there are not absolute truths.  It’s a deep thought as it relates to parenthood, working with bosses, managing, coaching and generally handling life. 

I also appreciate this thought in the context of entrepreneurialism.  A famous VC once said, “everything is always impossible before it works.”  I think this quote also ties nicely to the subject matter: “The young do not know enough to be prudent, therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation.”  Via the transitive property, if we can agree that life is an improvisation, and we can also agree that youthful people are more likely to persevere through challenges (due to ignorance, boldness and likely less risk), it makes sense that young people are likely to do well in entrepreneurial ventures.  OK, that might be stretching things a bit.  🙂

I love this thought.  The more I consider it, the more I realize how peaceful it can help make life.  It encourages more empathy for others, more patience at difficult moments, and a more chill approach to living life in general.  

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