Best College Football Play Ever? 

I recently saw this college football play, featuring DIII Trinity University in Texas, and was blown away.  It has to be included in the elite category of best college football plays ever–maybe in all of sports history.  There are 14 some-odd laterals in this play and it took over 2 minutes to unfold.

Separately, I’m continually surprised by the “proprietary,” non-viral nature of Microsoft’s Internet tools in this capacity.  It was difficult to load this video from MSN on to my blog and I wasn’t able to post it to my Facebook profile–MSN pushes users to their comedic website “Spaces” for such activities instead.  Apple typically gets criticized for their proprietary nature but it’s MSFT, in this case, failing to let loose the reins.



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2 responses to “Best College Football Play Ever?

  1. It’s an amazing play for sure. But, I think its one of those grainy videotape moments that will eventually fade away. Unlike the play at the end of the Stanford-Cal game, for instance.

    Amazing video though. That’s what I call some really crappy defense.

  2. Jack Elway

    Don’t think the play will stand the test of time. Great plays need to be driven by the greatness of one team as opposed to the failings of another. I don’t think a play with 4 bad tackles that most high school football players would have made can stand the test of time.

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