South Park Online

It’s been several years since I’ve watched the show South Park in any fashion.  In the past, particularly during college, I’ve loved it on Comedy Central and the Bigger, Longer and Uncut film is an all-time classic. 

A friend sent me this clip today:

In response to the clip directly, it was classic, clever South Park and the Colorado disses were accurate and hysterical.  Anyone from Colorado would appreciate the seeming, and sad, fame that belongs to the Ron Zappolos of the state. 

I won’t go too far down the path of exploring the content of the clip.  What was interesting to me, in part, about it though was the South Park website where this clip was found.  As I should have suspected, there is a large amount of South Park content online now and it works quite well on a playlist-focused, short-form basis.  I got caught up tonight watching a good number of clips as well as browsing around the larger site.  And, I could definitely see coming back.  I suspect the website, despite the show being shark jumped at this point, drives good traffic and they’re clearly trying to monetize it with banner ads and some post-roll/intersticial video ads. 

I don’t know how much gas this show has left in the tank but this clearly has me thinking, if it’s not happening already, that the Family Guys, Simpsons and related comedy shows of the world have an interesting, short-form distribution outlet online that compliments the main-screen TV viewing experience quite well. 


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