I consider myself a passion-fueled, opportunistic entreprenuer who makes things happen and still believes anything is achievable with courage, will and a hint of luck.  As a balance to career aspirations, I enjoy a myriad of sports including skiing and squash, like photography, love dogs, speak spanish, relish Christian Laettner’s game winner against Kentucky in ’92 and can be easily distracted by the latest Will Ferrell, Coen brother or Charlie Kauffman flic and an eccletic music mix.  Most would probably consider me a solid, articulate and relatively dry writer.  This blog is an attempt to instill more creativity in to my life.  I hope you enjoy my efforts.  I’m principally interested in technology and digital media so that occupies the majority of my blog posts.  

And, if you have suggestions for how to make this weblog better, or comments on particular posts, I’m eager to hear them! 


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  1. Marie

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